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To Advance an Honest Mind
Artist: [personal profile] feyuca
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (book!verse/hints of Granada); crossover with Howl's Moving Castle. Sort of.
Word Count: 34,512
Pairing: Eventual H/W
Rating: PG for so much fluff it could be hazardous to small children
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or universes. And I'm sure ACD and DWJ are happy about that.

Summary: A fanfiction universe mash-up of Diana Wynne Jones' Howl's Moving Castle and the Holmes universe. When Mr. John H. Watson meets a consulting detective named Mr. Sherlock Holmes, he finds himself lost within Holmes' strange adventures. Holmes has sacrificed much in his quest, including his own heart. Can Watson help restore what was once lost before it is too late?

Warnings: Some illogical things happen in a very logical world. Also, those who love HMC, there is not too much of that universe in this. SORRY ^^ Knowledge of STUD, SCAN, REDH, IDEN, BLUE, NAVA, BRUC, DEVI, and FINAL is helpful, but not needed. Does contain spoilers for listed stories.

Master Art Post: http://feyuca.livejournal.com/12255.html

Chapter I. In Which Watson Visits 221B
Chapter II. In Which Watson Joins Holmes on a Case
Chapter III. In Which The First Case Comes To An End
Chapter IV. In Which Mycroft Holmes Pays A Visit
Chapter V. In Which Holmes Worries Everyone
Chapter VI. In Which A Secret Is Unveiled
Chapter VII. In Which A Heart Is Found


Read the entire fic at AO3
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